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Event design - creating the ambience for unforgettable live experiences

Events are brought to life by expressive design that reflects the brand. And it’s best if the location, furnishings and exhibits are fully #instagrammable.

Four events under one roof

For the world premiere of a new show car, our event planners were tasked with bringing multiple parts of the program under one roof. A photographic studio had to host three workshops and a large-scale press conference. The design requirements were equally challenging, especially as the layout had to be as efficient and functional as possible. The idea was to give each part its own themed island – with clear visual demarcation and without physical barriers. The core elements were three circular, fabric graphic panels suspended above each island. Not only did they set distinctive orientation points within the space, they also served as large projection surfaces. The circular form carried over into the design on the floor. Generously proportioned lounge and hospitality areas were integrated into the areas in between. From there, guests then walked the short distance from one island to the next.

Convention-style event planning - Typical Amsterdam

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class celebrated its world premiere in Amsterdam using an innovative convention format very much in keeping with the vehicle itself. To emphasize the event’s distinctive character, our team developed a multifaceted themed campus with numerous workshops. Our inspiration came from the location’s surroundings in the trendy Amsterdam Noord district. The setup we created in the Kromhouthalt reflected the vibrant character of the neighborhood with stylish shops, restaurants, cafés and bars. For instance, guests were able to find out all about the new multimedia system in the “Multimedia Store”. The “Lounge” was home to virtual reality applications that brought the new interior to life. And the “Elk Room” as well as the classic Dutch tulip bed in the middle of the hall provided plenty of subject matter for posting to personal social media channels.

From pitlane to event location

At the Lausitzring, we provided an impressive demonstration of how to transform unspectacular locations into amazing brand spaces. Our team converted a simple racing pit into a stylish event location. To generate a distinctly purist aesthetic, the pit was lined entirely in white. Pillar cladding served as graphic surfaces for exhibition content. The unusual spatial atmosphere also benefited from the full-format illumination. To achieve this, we replaced the roller doors with glass panels to create an impressive “display window” effect. The minimalist furnishings were a conscious choice aimed at underscoring the space’s clean, intricate structures.