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Hospitality for wellbeing

Every creative F&B concept needs an inviting space with a relaxing atmosphere. However, it’s also just as important to plan the optimum infrastructure for the caterers.

Cozy atmosphere in an industrial ambience

A world premiere in a logistics hall may not initially sound particularly cozy, but is a perfect fit for a van like the Sprinter. And with attention to detail, our creative team also generated a convivial atmosphere for guests – focusing on the rough-and-ready commercial vehicle character. Alongside room dividers made from scaffolding, there were also pallet cages (for the bar structure) and heavy-duty shelving (for behind the bar). The spatial concept was just as flexible as the Sprinter itself, with a smooth transition between restaurant and show area, meaning the furnishings could be re-used. Green foliage and warm lighting not only created a pleasant atmosphere, it also provided a strong contrast to the industrial design.

Swedish flair very much in keeping with "Lagom"

The world premiere of the first electric car by our client Mercedes-Benz took place in the Artipelag art museum set in picturesque Swedish landscape. Our team designed the location for this special event with a firm focus on the overall theme of “Lagom”. This Scandinavian principle states: “Not too much, not too little, just the right amount!” The specifics of the locale provided the inspiration. The choice of materials and colors for the furnishings was based on the minimalist style of the Artipelag, and on the landscape shaped by stone, fjords and forest. The result was an atmosphere of pure wellbeing set in the pristine natural surroundings of the Swedish archipelago.