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Virtual spaces: between reality and fiction

Anyone wanting to make innovation experiential and knowledge tangible these days has infinite possibilities – both digital and physical. We use the entire bandwidth.

Virtual spaces take the mind on a journey, are fun to use and make it possible to operate on the border between reality and fiction. The strengths of a software-based environment are many and varied – a virtual space functions independently of the recipient’s place and time. It isn’t bound by the laws of physics and enables functions that extend way beyond what is possible in real life. It creates moments of suspense that captivate and enthrall the observer.

Immersive Experience

The virtual space can be designed to be fully fictional or very close to reality. As a facsimile of reality, it can then also serve as a preview rendering of an actual space. Enabling viewers to explore a virtual space using VR goggles at an exhibition, for example, creates a truly immersive experience – a deep-dive into the topic.

Concept designers, architects and 3D artists work hand-in-hand to realize our clients’ wishes to a tee. We use software from the gaming industry – such as Unreal Engine – to generate the digital setups. Our aim is to create virtual spaces that captivate, inform, and always tell exactly the right story.