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New creativity in retail design

Creativity is the order of the day to prevent customers wandering away into the internet. Good retail design plays a major role in the customer buying experience.

Retail design provides the setting for perfume

For retail chain Perfumania in the USA, we developed a completely new store concept with an innovative approach. Instead of sorting the many fragrances at Perfumania by brand, they are arranged by mood and scent categories – floral, fruity, fresh, spicy, woody and citrusy. This invites customers to embark on a voyage of discovery to find and try out the scent to match their mood. The new approach is also reflected in the store architecture – large glass areas provide an easy view all the way into the store. Central stations and digital tools help customers in their search for the perfect fragrance.

Retail design in prohibition style

For the second Bar Convent Brooklyn, an international trade fair for the bar and drinks sector, we transported guests into the USA of the 1920s, into the world of clubs and bars during the Prohibition. For our client Royal Dutch Distillers, who presented its new coffee liqueur at the show, our creative team developed a Cuban café that actually was a clever disguise for Club Bébo, which could only be accessed via a hidden passageway – just like in the Prohibition era. In keeping with the times, the club was designed in the Art Deco style. With a “Mucho Gusto” in their hand, guests imagined themselves in the New York of the 1920s. Part of the concept for the secret club was also that visitors could have their picture taken on a black-and-white Polaroid. If they wanted, they could have their eyes blacked out to disguise their identities.