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More space and flexibility with temporary construction

If the selected location doesn’t have enough space, temporary structures come to the rescue. And they should be stylishly integrated into the existing surroundings.

Elegant exhibition area on a hillside

The traditional boutique hotel Castello di Casole was the first choice for the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Coupé in Tuscany. But there was one problem – there wasn’t enough space to properly stage the exhibition content. Our creative team resolved this with a covered exhibition platform in pleasant colors – built directly onto the hillside and therefore with breathtaking views of the countryside. The temporary structure itself was impressive due to the combination of modern style elements and historic architectural references to the neighboring town hall. The technical challenge presented by the hillside location was that the presentation platform had to be completely level. However, the roof of the structure was tilted to harmonize with the slope of the hill.

Multifunctional circular structure in Tuscany

Picturesque Italian castellos are often too cramped and contorted to host large-scale displays. For a press test drive event outside the gates of Florence, our creative team devised an expansive, multifunctional circular structure that offered space for everything – the display vehicles, other exhibits and catering. The gaps in the elegant wooden construction were clad with Polyglass to create a bright, airy ambience. Neutral white focused attention on the objects on show, which set distinctive color accents in their own right. Viewed from outside, the interaction of the modern circular structure with the ancient and dignified castello generated a striking contrast that reflected the interior juxtaposition of classic automobiles and brand-new vehicles.

Temporary boulevard at the base of the Berlin Tempodrom

A stylish boulevard at the base of the Berlin Tempodrom provided space for the exhibition accompanying the world premiere of two automotive newcomers. The structure consisted of three clasp-shaped pavilions offset from one another. This created a walkway through several different displays arranged to permit views in all directions. In designing the structure, we channeled the tension of the expressionist Tempodrom and derived inspiration from the building’s futuristic form. The catering was also smoothly incorporated into the boulevard.