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Exhibition design - Creating the perfect setting for your content

Good displays convey complex content in an easy-to-understand way and engage the audience immediately. This demands skillful exposition and design.

Exhibition design with interactive elements

One perfect illustration of how this works is the exhibition for the world premiere of a new compact car in Amsterdam. The inspiration was the legendary Amsterdam Noord neighborhood with its vibrant marketplace character. Five different focal topics – from futuristic multimedia lab to showroom for powertrain technology – were presented in individually designed pop-up stores. The mix of original exhibits and animations made it possible to provide guests with comprehensive information and enabled them to explore and discover complex content interactively without explainers.

Characteristically Dutch decorative elements rounded off the overall look of the exhibition. The result was standalone themed settings that nevertheless reflected a shared design idea.

Sparkling exhibition elements for electric mobility

A development job for an exhibition that formed part of the press test drive event for a new electric car also set high demands on conception and design. The requirement was to inform visitors about the product and its specific technology in a way that allowed them to experience live the fascination of electric mobility. The Wagenhallen in Stuttgart offered the perfect setting, not least for creating an emotional connection between the pioneering spirit of the automotive founding years and the technical innovations of the present time. The topics were presented in open-plan booths positioned along a large corridor – in a logical sequence that tracked the complete electrified powertrain all the way to charging stations. The visual highlight was the display walls, which sparkled with showers of tiny LED lights in the client’s brand color.