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Stay close to customers with roadshows

You can reach people everywhere with roadshows. Their high degree of flexibility is particularly demanding when it comes to conception, design and logistics.

Mobile building for a global roadshow

To reach customers around the world in exclusive surroundings and independent of trade fairs, Siemens’ Automation & Drives division sent the “exiderdome” on an intercontinental roadshow. We created the mobile building from 35 shipping containers that could be put together anywhere in the world – even on a pontoon ship. The modular, fully air-conditioned exhibition pavilion provided exhibition and communal areas as well as meeting and hospitality zones on an area of 1,000 square meters. Media technology, exhibits and conference furniture were also on-hand for roadshow visitors. A 360-degree movie theater displayed media adapted to each host city, and provided customers, business partners and journalists with the opportunity to explore products in an immersive environment. Our exhibition concept supported both interactive and guided tours.

Railshow instead of roadshow - why Opel took to the rails

How does an automaker celebrate its 100th anniversary? With a mobile campaign, of course. But with a twist – we sent Opel’s history and brand experience on a journey through Europe by train, conceiving the “Opel Millenium Express” for the purpose. Back in 1999 and 2000, Europe’s very first show train made its way through twelve countries – from Germany to the Iberian Peninsula, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria and onward to Central Europe. The 200-meter chain of wagons provided almost 700,000 visitors at 38 stations with a fascinating insight into the future of cars, traffic and mobility, thereby communicating the technical expertise of the Opel brand in an attention-grabbing and memorable way. The train served simultaneously as a European brand campaign and interactive experience – one of the most highly acclaimed communication initiatives on the cusp of the new millennium.